WILLIAMSBURG, VA – Oct. 16 and 19, 2017 – Benoit Valedelièvre and Carmen Ortiz accolades –

*ACCOLADE October 16, 2017

IMG_1383            IMG_1385Mr. Benoit VALEDELIÈVRE admitted as a knight of the Ordre Lafayette and Member of Advisory Committee and Permanent Correspondent Ambassador at Yorktown, VA. From left to right, Benoit Valdelièvre and his wife, Dr. Gérard Charpentier

*ACCOLADE October 19, 2017


Mrs Carmen ORTIZ from Paris, France Member of Ordre Lafayette-USA receive the medal of Knight of the Order Lafayette from Dr. Gérard Charpentier President and Grand Cross- Commander of the Ordre Lafayette

From left to right: Carmen Ortiz, Michèle Vlahos, Gérard Charpentier, Johnny Jeulin, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Jacques d’Orléans


CHARLESTOWN / BOSTON, MA USA October 15, 16, 2017 – Comte gilbert de Pusy elevated to the grade of Commander – Accolade of 5 new knigts

0.2- Bunker Hill Monument-today

CHARLESTOWN near BOSTON, MA is the site of  The Bunker Hill Monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill which was among the first major battles between British and Patriot forces in the American Revolutionary War, fought there June 17, 1775.


OL- Honoring - Charlestown 15 oct 2017

1- IMG_1303

Dr. Gérard CHARPENTIER Ph. D. President / Grand-cross, Commander Ordre Lafayette Réseau AMERICA Network Ordre Lafayette Opens the ceremony

2- IMG_1312

Count Gilbert de Pusy Lafayette elevated to the rank of Commander by Dr. Gérard Charpentier, Grand Cross, commander of the ordre Lafayette, President of the Ordre Lafayette Order America corp./ USA and Association ordre lafayette Canada.

3- IMG_1313Count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette address

4- IMG_1346Mrs. Michèle Vlahos, Knight and Ambassador of the Ordre Lafayette, organizer of the ceremony introduces the candidates admitted to the grade of knight.

5- IMG_1349

From left to right: Mr. Shelby Pierce, Mr. Thomas Thaler,  Mrs. Michèle Vlahos, Dr. Doros Platika, Count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Dr. Gérard Charpentier, Dr. Olga Duhl

6- IMG_1369

Front left to right: Captain Francis Magaletta (retired), a guest, Mrs. Michel Vlahos, Dr. Gérard Charpentier, Colonel (retired) Michael Wabreck

7- IMG_1306                  8- IMG_1302Others guests,  among them, first picture Count Jacques d’Orléans (center ) and Patrick Botti Music Director and Conductor (right)

IMG_1296     20171015_192253

9- IMG_1347Chef Jacky Robert owner of the French restaurant “Ma Maison » 272 Cambridge St, Boston, MA serve to the guest the “ Lafayette Liberty Pie” produced and offered by “Les Moulins La Fayette”   211 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

0.3- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17                                   0.4- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17

FANEUIL HALL, BOSTON Feb. 23, 2017 – Brigadier General (Ret.) Emery Maddock admitted as a knight of the Ordre Lafayette

1- Faneuil Hall Boston

A marketplace and a meeting hall since 1743 in Boston.


0- Ceremony Maddocks - Invitation Feb 23, 2017


A brief introduction by Dr. Gerard Charpentier Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette 

2- IMG_0590                3- IMG_0618


About the key role played by LAFAYETTE AND FRANCE throughout the course of the American Revolution (1765-1783)  and the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

4- IMG_0673

BG Emery Maddocks, new Knight Ordre Lafayette Order, and Dr. Gérard Charpentier Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette.

5- IMG_0668

From left to right

Valéry Freland, Consul General of France at Boston, MA

Marvin Gilmore (Veteran WWII), Knight Ordre Lafayette

B.G. Emery Maddocks (Ret.), Knight Ordre Lafayette

Michèle Vlahos, Knight Ordre Lafayette

Thomas W. Thaler, Cincinnati Member

Dr. Gérard Charpentier, Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette

nonidentified person

B.G. Joseph A. Milano (Ret.)


O-0- Union Oyster House, Boston

Open to diners since 1826, is amongst the oldest operating restaurants in the United States of America and the oldest that has been continuously operating since being opened. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Oyster_House

O-2- IMG_0719        O-1- IMG_0720

O-3- IMG_0715


LEXINGTON, MA – November 09 2016 – Ceremony of the delivery of the Medal of Knight for Mr. Kamel Oussayef and Mr. Marvin Gilmore

CEREMONY OF THE DELIVERY – November 09, 2016

at « The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library » formerly known as the « National Heritage Museum »  and the « Museum of Our National Heritage »




index lexing

kamel Oussayef marvin gilmore knight OL

Kamel Oussayef and Marvin Gilmore

Accolade lexington 2016

Gérard Charpentier Ph.D. Grand Commander of the Ordre Lafayette, Michele Vlahos Knight  Ordre Lafayette, Kamel Oussayef and Marvin Gilmore newly knight Ordre Lafayette

September 1st, 2016 – LAUNCHING / LANCEMENT of the web site « Lafayette Memory Spaces »




1-« LAFAYETTE Memory Spaces » In USA

« Lieux de Mémoire LAFAYETTE » aux États-Unis d’Amériques

LaF Lieux Spaces


French Cemetery in Yorktown Battlefield

« Ici reposent une cinquantaine de soldats inconnus français morts à Yorktown pour l’indépendance américaine. 1781 »

2-“French-Canadians” pro “American-Insurgents” and descendants

«Canadiens-français» pro «Insurgés-américains» et descendants

Cogress Own Regiment

Congress own Regiment 



3-LAFAYETTE Memory Spaces in France and Europe

« Lieux de Mémoire » LAFAYETTE en France et Europe

Chavaniac Lafayette

Berceau de la famille Lafayette et naissance de Gilbert

Sépulture_la_Fayette Picpus, Paris

Sépulture du marquis de Lafayette et de sa femme adrienne 

Cimetiere privé de picpus, Paris









1-« LAFAYETTE Memory Spaces » In USA

« Lieux de Mémoire LAFAYETTE » aux États-Unis d’Amériques

LaF Lieux Spaces



French Cemetery in Yorktown Battlefield

2-“French-Canadians” pro “American-Insurgents” and descendants

«Canadiens-français» pro «Insurgés-américains» et descendants

LaF Regi


3-LAFAYETTE Memory Spaces in France and Europe

« Lieux de Mémoire » LAFAYETTE en France et Europe


images drapeaux EU FR


Montpelier, VT, and Burlington, VT- On the footsteps of Lafayette – 15 oct. 2015

VERMONT – USA – 15 cotobre 2015

During his farewell Tour (1824-1825) Lafayette visited 24 states  From 27 to 29 June 1825 the Marquis de La Fayette crossed the state from east to west, spending a night at Montpelier VT and posing the next day the foundation stone of the University of Vermont at Burlington VT, the only university in the United States who had this privilege

Durant son voyage d’adieu (Farewell Tour) Lafayette visita 24 états. Du  27 au 29 juin 1825 le Marquis de La Fayette traverse l’état d’est en ouest, passant une nuit à Montpelier VT et posant le lendemain la première pierre de l’Université du Vermont à Burlington VT, seule université aux États-Unis qui a eu ce privilège.


Pavillion, Montpelier VT

The « Pavillon » Montpellier

« Rediscovery » of the plaque commemorating the passage of the Marquis de La Fayette in Montpelier, capital of Vermont

« Redécouverte » de la plaque commémorant le passage du Marquis de La Fayette à Montpelier, capitale du Vermont

In 1825 the « Pavilion » at Montpelier VT, right next to the Capitol, was an hotel and the Marquis de La Fayette spent the night of June 28th there

En 1825 le « Pavilion » à Montpelier VT, juste à côté du capitole, était un hôtel et le marquis de La Fayette y a passé la nuit du 28 juin.

Plaque lafayette- Musée Montpelier VT

Today this building is home of the Vermont Museum. The plaque removed during the renovations was found at my request in the museum’s reserves after my visit.

Aujourd’hui ce bâtiment est le siège du musée du Vermont. La plaque enlevée lors des rénovations a été retrouvée à ma demande dans les réserves du musée après ma visite.


statue Lafayette UVM- VT


“A bronze statue of Gen. Lafayette (by John Quincy Adams Ward) … was erected in front of it on the Green….

The statue was seen as a nod to the building’s history, as the Marquis de Lafayette had placed its northwest cornerstone on a visit to Burlington on June 29, 1825.

It was later moved to the North end of the University Green, facing Colchester Avenue, where it stands today.”