CHARLESTOWN / BOSTON, MA – USA October 15, 2017

0.2- Bunker Hill Monument-today

CHARLESTOWN near BOSTON, MA is the site of  The Bunker Hill Monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill which was among the first major battles between British and Patriot forces in the American Revolutionnary War, fought there June 17, 1775.

0.3- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17 

0.4- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17

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1- IMG_1303

Dr. Gérard CHARPENTIER Ph. D. President / Grand-croix, Commander Ordre Lafayette Réseau AMERICA Network Ordre Lafayette Opens the ceremoy

2- IMG_1312 3- IMG_1313

The count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette is elevated to the grade of Commander

4- IMG_1346

Mrs Michèle Vlahos, Knight and Ambasador of the Ordre Lafayette, organiser of the ceremony introduces the candidates admited to the grade of knight

5- IMG_1349

Picture 1

6- IMG_1369

Picture 2

From left to right, Picture 1 : Mr. Shelby Pierce, Mr Thomas Thaler,  Mrs Michèle Vlahos, Dr Doros Platika, Count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Dr Gérard Charpentier , Dr Olga Duhl / Picture 2 : Captain Franics Magaletta (retired) and guests

7- IMG_1306 8- IMG_1302

Others guests,  among them first picture Count Jacques d’Orléans (center ) and Patrick Botti Music Director and Conductor (right)

9- IMG_1347

Chef Jacky Robert owner of the French restaurant “Ma Maison » 272 Cambridge St, Boston, MA serve to the guest the “ Lafayette Liberty Pie” produced and offered by “Les Moulins La Fayette”   211 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL


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