FANEUIL HALL, BOSTON Feb. 23, 2017 – Brigadier General (Ret.) Emery Maddock admitted as a knight of the Ordre Lafayette

1- Faneuil Hall Boston

A marketplace and a meeting hall since 1743 in Boston.

0- Ceremony Maddocks - Invitation Feb 23, 2017


A brief introduction by Dr. Gerard Charpentier Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette 

2- IMG_0590                3- IMG_0618


About the key role played by LAFAYETTE AND FRANCE throughout the course of the American Revolution (1765-1783)  and the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

4- IMG_0673

BG Emery Maddocks, new Knight Ordre Lafayette Order, and Dr. Gérard Charpentier Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette.

5- IMG_0668

From left to right

Valéry Freland, Consul General of France at Boston, MA

Marvin Gilmore (Veteran WWII), Knight Ordre Lafayette

B.G. Emery Maddocks (Ret.), Knight Ordre Lafayette

Michèle Vlahos, Knight Ordre Lafayette

Thomas W. Thaler, Cincinnati Member

Dr. Gérard Charpentier, Grand Commander Ordre Lafayette

nonidentified person

B.G. Joseph A. Milano (Ret.)


O-0- Union Oyster House, Boston

Open to diners since 1826, is amongst the oldest operating restaurants in the United States of America and the oldest that has been continuously operating since being opened.

O-2- IMG_0719        O-1- IMG_0720

O-3- IMG_0715


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