Yorktown is most famous as the site of the ultimate battle

of the American Revolutionary War

On October 14, 1781 : A French column from Rochambeau forces took Redoubt No. 9 and an American column from the Continental Army under General Lafayette took Redoubt No 10. Cornwallis asked for capitulation terms on October 17. After two days of negotiation, the surrender ceremony occurred on October 19. Negotiations between the “United States” and Great Britain began, resulting in the Treaty of Paris of 1783.




 1) 11:00 am, Unveiling of the statue of Lafayette on Water Street, Yorktown


Click on, to enlarge / From L to R; Statue of Count de Grasse, Marquis de La Fayette (the new statue), George Washington

12- IMG_1416

..« This tribute to Lafayette was made possible by members of the American Friends of Lafayette with special thankfs to : The Celebrate Yorktown Committee of the Yorktown Foundation, the County of Yorktown, the Massachussetts Society of the Cincinnati and the members of the Ordre Lafayette » (MEMBERS FROM USA, CANADA AND FRANCE)

OL.USA- RN- Commemo. Diploma  Lafayette Statue Yorktown, VA November 18, 2017

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From LtoR: 1) Johnny Jeulin, Officier Ordre Lafayette, VP Ordre Lafayette Canada, Count Jacques D’Orléans, Dr Gérard Charpentier, Grand-croix Commandeur Ordre Lafayette, President Ordre Lafayette USA and Canada, Michèle Vlahos, Chevalier Ordre lafayette, Ambassador ordre Lafayette Boston, & Area, Count de Pusy La Fayette, Commandeur Ordre Lafayette

2) Michèle Vlahos, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Michel Charbonnier Consul General of France – Washington and Gérard Charpentier, Benoit Valdelièvre, Chevalier Ordre Lafayette, Ambassador ordre Lafayette Yorktown & Area

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1) Gérard Charpentier, Christine Jeannin Chevalier Ordre Lafayette- France and Director of « The ArtisT » 2) Nicole Yancey Past Honorary Consul of France For Virginia, Gérard Carpentier, Johnny Jeulin, Christine Jeannin.

6- i-K8Fz3zm-L 5- IMG_1402

1) Gérard Charpentier, Michel Charbonnier 2) The site

8- IMG_1410 9- IMG_1411

1)2) Gérard Charpentieron the site for his address

7- i-9tJzP4s-L 10- 1018_114037


It’s a privilege and a great honor for the Ordre Lafayette Order to be here today for the unveiling of the statue of Lafayette the “Hero of two Worlds” and one of the fathers of the modern democracy on the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The Ordre Lafayette is an international organization, in France, Europe, USA and Canada and was established to perpetuate the memory of General Marquis de Lafayette and to encourage and inspire the friendship between, France and USA and globally all the nations.

Between 1778 and 1781 more than 44 000 French soldiers and sailors fought alongside the Insurgents of the 13 colonies, more than 5 000 gave their lives for their independence.

240 years ago here in Yorktown more than 10 000 French soldiers and sailors were engaged in the ultimate battle … speaking English with a French accent… like me! And among them was the General Lafayette.

Today, many French people are here for the unveiling of the statue of Lafayette and among them is Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette his descendant

Please welcome him … Thank you

1) Gérard Charpentier 2) The statue of Lafayette unveiled

13- IMG_1438 14- IMG_1441

1) Gérard Charpentier, Benoit Valdelièvre, Gilbert de Pusy la Fayette (statues), Michèle Vlahos, Johnny Jeulin 2) Benoit Valdelièvre, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Carmen Ortiz, Michèle Vlahos, Gérard Charpentier

16-IMG_1444 17- IMG_1424

1) Jacques d’Orléans, Gérard Charpentier (statues) Johnny Jeulin 2) Gérard Charpentier and statues

2) 7:00 pm, Dinner at American Revolution Museum, Yorktown

1- IMG_1456 3- IMG_1451

1)Nicole Yancey, Gérard Charpentier, Jacques d’Orléans 2) Bernard Guet Chevalier Ordre Lafayette Ambassador Ordre Lafayette  for Philadelphia & area, Gérard Charpentier, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Michèle Vlahos, Jacques d’Orléans

2- IMG_1447 4- IMG_1469

1) Bernard Gut ans his wife, Gérard Charpentier 2) Johnny Jeulin, Jacques d’Orléans

5- i-gKL4LR4-L

« Ordre Lafayette Table » Fanny and Benoit Valdelièvre, Carmen Ortiz, Michèle Vlahos, Gérard Charpentier, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Johnny Jeulin, Jacques d’Orléans



1) 8:45 am, Wreath laying at the « French Cemetery », Yorktown

« This simple cross is thought to mark the burial place of about 50 unidentified French soldiers killed during the Siege of Yorktown »

1- IMG_1484 2- IMG_1487

3- IMG_1485 4- IMG_1486

2) 10:30 am, Parade on Main Street, Yorktown

Gérard Charpentier, Benoit Valdelièvre with the dancers of « The ArtisT » troup from France  – Performing the « La Fayette Ballet »

IMG_1511 IMG_1507 

IMG_1541 IMG_1543

IMG_1544 IMG_1548

3) 11:30 am, Official Ceremony at the Monument to Alliance and Victory, Yorktown

1- IMG_1575 2- IMG_1553

3- IMG_1567 IMG_1550


4) 12:30 pm, Reception at DAR Custom House Garden, Main Street, Yorktown

Custom house Y

Lunch time in the garden

5) 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm – “La Fayette Choreography”

« Under the Gracious Patronage of the Order Lafayette USA and Canada » at University Theater 4608 Hampton Blvd. Norfolk Va.

OL.USA- A15CJ-  Commemo. Diploma La Fayette Ballet 10-2017

After the show, a » Commemorative Diploma » is offered by Gérard Charpentier to the members of « The Artists », the members of the Ordre Lafayette and friends.

1- IMG_1626 2- IMG_1665

3- IMG_1676 4- IMG_1619

La Fayette ballet: la tournée US.


Followed by “Le verre de l’amitié” with Champagne Lafayette and tasting of the famous « Lafayette Liberty Pie » offered by « Les Moulins La Fayette » of Miami, Florida.


5- IMG_1601 6- IMG_1603







*ACCOLADE October 16, 2017


Mr Benoit VALEDELIÈVRE admitted as knight of the Ordre Lafayette and Member of Advisory Committee and Permanent Correspondent Ambassador at Yorktown, VA

From left to right, Benoit Valdelièvre and his wife, Dr Gérard Charpentier


*ACCOLADE October 19, 2017


Mrs Carmen ORTIZ from Paris, France Member of Ordre Lafayette-USA receive the medal of Knight of the Order Lafayette from Dr. Gérard Charpentier President and Grand Croix- Commander of the Ordre Lafayette

From left to right : Carmen Ortis, Michèle Vlahos, Gérard Charpentier Johnny Jeulin, Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Jacques d’Orléans


CHARLESTOWN / BOSTON, MA – USA October 15, 2017

0.2- Bunker Hill Monument-today

CHARLESTOWN near BOSTON, MA is the site of  The Bunker Hill Monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill which was among the first major battles between British and Patriot forces in the American Revolutionnary War, fought there June 17, 1775.

0.3- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17 

0.4- Charlestown MA ceremony oct 15-17

Click on it to enlarge

1- IMG_1303

Dr. Gérard CHARPENTIER Ph. D. President / Grand-croix, Commander Ordre Lafayette Réseau AMERICA Network Ordre Lafayette Opens the ceremoy

2- IMG_1312 3- IMG_1313

The count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette is elevated to the grade of Commander

4- IMG_1346

Mrs Michèle Vlahos, Knight and Ambasador of the Ordre Lafayette, organiser of the ceremony introduces the candidates admited to the grade of knight

5- IMG_1349

Picture 1

6- IMG_1369

Picture 2

From left to right, Picture 1 : Mr. Shelby Pierce, Mr Thomas Thaler,  Mrs Michèle Vlahos, Dr Doros Platika, Count Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette, Dr Gérard Charpentier , Dr Olga Duhl / Picture 2 : Captain Franics Magaletta (retired) and guests

7- IMG_1306 8- IMG_1302

Others guests,  among them first picture Count Jacques d’Orléans (center ) and Patrick Botti Music Director and Conductor (right)

9- IMG_1347

Chef Jacky Robert owner of the French restaurant “Ma Maison » 272 Cambridge St, Boston, MA serve to the guest the “ Lafayette Liberty Pie” produced and offered by “Les Moulins La Fayette”   211 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL